About me - Graphite Portrait Artist

Photo of Pet Portrat Artist Debbie Radicchi Hoyle

I’ve always loved animals.  There’s really no beginning to that story.  My inspiration and passion for animals just comes from everything about them.  

I’ve always loved art.   There's really no beginning to that story either.   I draw everyday and always have.

I've been studying art all my life.   Although I never attended art school I have attended

many art classes and workshops lead by some amazing artists.


I've worked in oils, watercolors, and acrylic, but nothing gives me as much pleasure as working in pencil.  The detail is amazing and I really favor black and white. 


As I scroll through my portfolio, I remember every drawing.  I remember their names, their stories and the loved ones that commissioned the artwork.  For me as an artist and animal lover there is nothing more rewarding than knowing my artwork lives on in someone’s life.


Everyday my beloved border collie, Zeagle, is with me in the studio.  He's my life model when I need to see details of an eye, perspective of a nose or jaw, positioning of a paw, or the curl of fur. 


dog drawing in pencil philadelphia artist radicchi

"The Critic"


Zeagle at work with his wine!