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Set camera to it's highest possible resolution


My artwork is very realistic and extremely detailed.  A good high resolution photo allows me to create a very detailed rendering.    My Samsung phone offers size settings from 2.4meg to 16 meg.  Check your setting before taking the photos and you can text your images directly to my cell phone!





Set camera on "Macro" and get 'Down"


The Macro setting focuses the camera close to the subject usually within feet.   Get down to their level.  It best to be at or below their eye level.  


Get Outside / Natural Light


Outdoors on overcast days is best.  On sunny days the shadows maybe too strong and cause the eyes to squint.  Additionally, on sunny days it hard to see the screen of the camera making it difficult to focus on the pet.   Avoid using a flash, because it can cause green-eye, create white out (too much light) and may frighten the animal. 

Focus on the "Eyes"


Some cell phones and most cameras allow you to tap the screen and a square pops up to show what the camera is focusing on.   Try to have the eyes in the square.  The eyes are so important when creating a portrait. 


Capture them doing what they love most!


If they always have a ball, capture them with it.   Not every portrait is actually a ‘portrait’ but more a rendering of the pet’s personality.   There's no charge to add a toy to the artwork.

Dress them up!


Remember "Clothes & Toys" are always FREE !   I never charge extra to include them in the artwork, so have fun and get creative!

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